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Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the heart of the world's largest film industry, Bollywood. The South Asian answer to Hollywood cranks out larger than life legends, setting the silver screen on fire with their sex appeal. Bollywood's sex symbols have been creating steam across India and worldwide for about five decades and their sex appeal isn't all about showing cleavage or great butts. As we all know there is more to sex appeal than the physical attributes one has. This list consists of the female icons of Bollywood, who have impacted the history and changed the future of Bollywood.
1. Zeenat Aman
Zeenat Aman exudes sensuality with her toned figure and shoulder length hair, breaking the mold of traditional Indian beauty. Since she spent time in the US, she has this westernized sophistication no other A list Bollywood actress has. Not only does she have modern looks, she also wasn't afraid to show off her amazing body in short skirts and see through sarees. In "Satyam Shivam Sundaram" (1978), Zeenat shocked audiences by going braless in a see-through, waterfall drenched white saree. In "Don", she wears body hugging dresses and stylish pant suits and sports sexy short hair. She also made waves appearing in a super sexy Bikini in "Qurbaani" (1981), which was never seen before in mainstream Bollywood films.
2. Parveen Babi
Parveen was sexy because she was the second most lusted after Bollywood actress of all time. Before Aishwarya Rai was featured in Time Magazine, Parveen Babi graced the cover in 1976, as the changing face of Bollywood actresses.
3. Dimple Kapadia
Dimple is sexy because she's the object of many men's fantasies. She is known for being one of the most beautiful women in Indian film. She's constantly pushing boundaries by shocking audiences in a tasteful way. She stunned viewers by briefly baring her breasts in "Saagar", which was the first glimpse of nudity in a mainstream Bollywood film. She took on controversial roles in "Dil Chahta Hai" (2001) and "Leela" (2002) where she has relationships with younger men.
4. Madhuri Dixit
When Madhuri entered Bollywood, no one had seen such beauty since the days of Suchitra Sen and Madhubala. She is a combination of both of these screen legends.
5. Helen
Helen is sexy because she wore revealing skin tight outfits while she danced and always wore flesh toned body suits, for modesty. She never came across as vulgar or crass and exuded sex appeal without compromising herself. Helen always stood out from other Bollywood icons because of her toned figure, especially since most actresses were more voluptuous. In her time, she was a true femme fatale and is considered the Marilyn Monroe of India.
6. Hema Malini
Hema Malini is sexy because she's Bollywood's Dream Girl and has goddess like beauty. She received marriage proposals from actors Sanjeev Kumar, Jeetendra and others until she married Dharmendra. Even in her 50's she can give current Bollywood actresses a run for their money.
7. Rekha
In Mira Nair's "Kama Sutra" (1997), Rekha played a former courtesan, educating women about the art of Kama Sutra. She suited that role, because throughout her career, she embodied true sex appeal. She's in total control of her image and is credited for doing her makeup for films and publicity shots. She is responsible for being a role model for Sridevi who also began her career as an ugly duckling.
 8. Aishwarya Rai
She is sexy because Hollywood Beauty Julia Roberts calls her the most beautiful woman in the world. In a poll conducted by Hello Magazine, she placed number one as the most attractive woman of 2003, beating Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Gwyneth Paltrow. In April 2003, L'OREAL signed her as their international brand ambassador.
9. Bipasha Basu
Born on May 5, 1979 in Delhi and raised in Kolkata, Bipasha began her career as a model who was featured in various music videos. She also won the Famous Ford Supermodel contest. She became a household name in "Ajnabee" (2001) stealing the spotlight from Kareena Kapoor. She's currently dating the super sexy John Abraham and is starring in the sequel to "Dhoom."
10. Sridevi
Sridevi is sexy for her amazing dance numbers, that inflame the screen. Her dance sequences have the same effect of other South Indian Bollywood divas like Hema Malini and Vyjayantimala. She also capitalized on her innocent looks and glamorous style, which set many hearts on fire. She earned the nickname of Thunder Thighs because she wore short skirts during a lot of her dance numbers.