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China Gate
Rajan Niwas
155 Waterfield Road
Bandra (West)
Cuisine: Fast Food
Pure Veg.: No
354 Linking Road
Cuisine: Fast Food
Pure Veg.: No
Copper Chimney
K. Dubash Marg
Kala Ghoda
Phone: 284-4468
Cuisine: Indian, Moghlai
Pure Veg.: No
Delhi Darbar
Holland House
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
Phone: 202-0235
Cuisine: Punjabi, Moghlai, Chinese
Pure Veg.: No
Indian Harvest
The Leela Kempinski
Near Sahar Airport
Andheri (East)
Cuisine: Indian
Pure Veg.: No
Make Waves
The Retreat Erangal Beach
Madh Isiand
Phone: 882-5335
Cuisine: Snacks, Tandoori
Pure Veg.: No
Moti Mahal
116 Junction
Waterfield and Turner Road
Bandra (West)
Phone: 640-8577
Cuisine: Indian, Chinese, Moghlai
Pure Veg.: No
New York New York
35 Chowpatty Seaface  
Phone: 368-4466
Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, American
Pure Veg.: Yes
Pali Presidency
Bandra Parimal Tank
Palinaka Pali Road
Bandra (West)
Phone: 643-9726
Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Moghlai
Pure Veg.: No
Strand Coffee House
Next To Telephone Bhavan
Phone: 283-3418
Cuisine: Parsi, Moghlai, Continental
Pure Veg.: No