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 Noteable Playback Singers
 Mohammed Rafi
 Mukesh Madhur
 Asha Bhosle
Kishore Kumar
A playback singer is a singer whose song is pre-recorded for use in films. The singer records the song on a soundtrack and the actors or actresses lip sync the song for the cameras. This is a form of singing that is most highly developed in the Indian sub-continent. (This technique has also been used in Hollywood films and those produced in other film centres, but these singers have for the most part never been able to gain fame.
Playback singing is a very important part of Indian culture; most hit Bollywood films are musicals. The songs of a film and the quality of the music — its music director (composer), lyricist and singer have often determined the success of a film. Often film albums are released before the films are released and therefore there is sometimes a mismatch between the songs on film and the songs on its CD or LP or tape.
Born September 28, 1929 in Indore, Lata Mangeshkar has been active in all walks of Indian music. Having sung no less than 30,000 songs. She is the supreme voice of popular Indian music.

The Guiness Book of world Recordslists her as the Most Recorded Artist in history.

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