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Museum of Kitsch

Over the past 20 years, Dina has collected many items from the obscure to unique. Panning across the haunts of her home lays further evidence of her passion towards this hobby. Dina has devoted a majority of her time not only expanding her arsenal but also arranging its display.

A Rash of Good Behavior

Contradictory to other Indian households, the welcome mat is ushered into the kitchen to continue its ugly discharge. The tea and biscuits are relegated to storage as if a precious commodity on the brink of extinction. Only to be filed out on display for those willing to flash their foreign currency.
The Chor Bizarre

Being that posession is 9/10 the law in India struck great fear in the Irani household.
Subsequently, locks were changed and the vicious circle created by the Ahmed's was relegated downstairs.

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