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Phat Fish
Pali Naka
Phat Fish targets shoppers who don’t mind experimenting with styles and cuts. “We revamp our stock every three months. That’s the kind of creative freedom we get in a small store,” Ashita Khurana and Pooja Thakkar (owner) explains, adding that they can afford to have unique pieces because they don’t engage in mass production.
Almeida Park
People buy clothes because they like them. And at Barefoot, the idea has never been to just sell. We want to make every customer who walks out of here happy in the knowledge that they’ve bought something that suits them.”
-Papia Roy
Waterfield Road
Jhangiani says they are targeting an age group of 16-35. According to him, “Our clothes are casual and cutting-edge.
We plan new collections only a month in advance and come out with new capsules every three weeks. That’s the freedom I have in my store, that a big store doesn’t offer.”
Hill Road
“It is the presence of a store like Globus that has made people come to Hill Road to shop. Otherwise, this was never a destination for upper middle-class shoppers,” says Mukesh Gajra, general manager, operations, believes that Globus has been responsible for defining trends across stores on Hill Road and cites that as an example of their reach.
1 Firdaus Apartments
Union Park
Although most of the clothes stocked at the store for men and women are from the in-house label, there are also a couple of clothes from the Far East.
“We believe that Bandra is the place to shop. People come to shop here from all over the city. Also, as a suburb it is very central. That is why we felt Bandra was the ideal location for us to open up a store" says Designers Dipika Lal and Anirudh Singh (owners).
Loose Ends
Waterfield Road
Madhu Goswami (owner) believes that being at the store helps her keep a check on trends. “I design my stuff, so I can tell people what will suit them keeping in mind their tastes. Things like colour, style and cut are very important, and I can help people with that. I can’t afford to leave those things to hired help,” she says.
Shop No 2, Dunhill Dome
St John’s Road

With so many boutiques already vying to provide Bandra shoppers with everything from a killer kurti to a cool capri, how does a new store make an impression? Swarna Gupta, owner of Magnolia on St John’s Road, says her USP is to offer exclusive, fun and affordable clothes.