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The Parsis have made an monumental impact on modern India whether it is in science, industry, medicine or politics. Today in the 21st century, their belief seems to be playing a major role in their existence and survival. Whether they will embrace the 21st century, disregard their promise made to the ruler of Gujarat about taking converts and preaching their beliefs, identify leaders, and take the Parsi Panchayat to task by rooting out the old blood and getting leaders and visionaries in them, all lay within the palm of their hands.  Their mantra should not be "Oh! how great we were", but instead "How much more can we achieve, and nothing will stop us".
A good beginning would be making cheap affordable housing to all newlywed Parsis to start families with. The Parsi Panchayat with its large parcels of land in and around Mumbai should jumpstart their rather slow corrupt process of housing for Parsis.  Also, the community as a whole should start accepting converts from families where one of the parents is a Zorastrian.  They should also provide education and financial assistance to all Zorastrians, educate young Parsis about their glorious past while giving them a concrete vision for their future.
I am energized from the fact that my community is noted. The big financial houses like the Tata's, Godrej's, Pallonji's, Wadias etc, should assume some leadership roles and provide direction for both the youth and the elderly. This has to be a collective effort from every single Zorastrian, from all the four corners of the world. For its non-discriminatory charity to all. It’s love, compassion understanding, and tolerance towards all religions  
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