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Popular Dishes
Restaurants in Bandra
Restaurants in Mumbai
Street Fare With its huge migrant population, Mumbai is the city for a slew of sidewalk snacks, dished out in fresh and generous platefuls. Aficionados swear by Chowpatty beach, but almost any street stall will do, if the chef is an experienced hand at this fine art. Of course, if you're a stickler for hygiene, sanitized versions can be found in most up market restaurants, properly served on bone china and followed up with finger bowls to wash away the grease from your hands. But most citizens agree that street food is just not the same without a free helping of, well, harmless germs.
For those wanting to play is safe, visit your local grocery store for these Ready to Eat dishes.
Starting with the legendary restaurant in Bangalore, India’s silicon valley,
MTR now offers ''complete meal solutions'.  
Their wide range of products include ready-to-eat curries and rice,
ready-to-cook gravies, frozen foods, ice cream, instant snack and dessert mixes,
spices and a variety of accompaniments like pickles and papads.