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In the hallows of Hill Road in Bandra, Mumbai at flat number 6 lies the residence of Mehbooba and Iqbal Ahmed.  Over the past decade, the pair had earned both the trust and confidence of the Iranis. 
Over the period of this decade, Mehbooba has used this trust as a tool to gain access to the Irani savings.  Mrs. Iranis health depleted and her husbands Alzheimer’s developed through the years as her spree became more apparent.  Mehbooba has depleted the Iranis of an estimated 75 lkh to 1 crore rupees. 
Adi Irani enjoying what could have been
his last supper
had the Ahmed's continued their pilfering.
Using her son-in-law as a patsy, Mehbooba has used these funds to illegally purchase cars, property and personal effects.


Before she was caught, Mehboobas final plan was outlined on the floor of their dense and stale residence.  In his trademark pajamas, which he is rarely seen without, and she in her kurta churidr made duplicate keys and boldly voiced their aspirations.  “When you leave the house we will enter and see how you will remove us…”
Being that possession is 9/10 the law in India
struck great fear in the Irani household.


Subsequently, locks were changed
and the vicious circle created by the Ahmed's
was relegated to their home. 
To this day, Mehbooba and Iqbal have been summoned by their own guilt.  They sit as prisoners praying to their god for forgiveness.  Trapped by the feeling that the public can now see them for what they really are.


Chor! Chor!  Bellows from the Irani household at the mere hint of the Ahmeds.