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The art of practicing architecture in India today
is dominated by the desire to invent authenticity
                                                       -Romi Khosla

The district that has become known today as New Bombay.  Indian architects may come from a country famous for such slums as Dharawi, but they also are inheritors of one of the richest architectural traditions.  A people who gave the world the futuristic Indus Valley Civilization, the palaces and forts of Rajput India, and the rich Mughal architecture culminating in the Taj Mahal. Underlining it all is their knowledge of Vastu, the ancient Hindu science of architecture.

 The Movement

Devotional art is an early form of tribute to a person that has since passed. Usually placed desplay box, item are collected to represent aspects of the deceased. A candle is usually placed at the center for followers to pray for the return of the deceased.
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Indian Firework Art is a beautiful collection of artwork that has adorned the packaging for Indian fireworks. The subject matter varies wildly.  For all the variety, they all share a common trait -- they are garish, exuberant and infinitely alluring.
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Commercial or Graphic Art is generally produced for purposes such as advertising and packaging.  An artist will generally illustrate or paint the original ad on paper only to be transferred to many surfaces such as paper, tin or wood once approved by the advertisor.  Commercial art can include many genres of art and categories of art technique
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Throughout history, various religious cultures have been inspired or supplemented by concrete images, whether in two dimensions or three. The degree to which images are used or permitted, and their functions — whether they are for instruction or inspiration, treated as sacred objects of veneration or worship, or simply applied as ornament
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